Seville´s Hidden Corners | Pure Andalusia
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Seville´s Hidden Corners

Seville´s Hidden Corners

Thisis a fascinating and off the beaten track kind of tour taking you away from the main-stream tourist sites and monuments with their huge queues and flocks of visitors.  This walking tour will take you first of all to visit a cloistered convent founded in the 14th century by a Spanish noblewoman and hidden behind thick walls.  It is amazing to see the fine pieces of furniture, Mudejar crafted wood ceilings, centuries old fabulous tiles and stunning paintings that decorate its wallsThe convent is still inhabited by nuns who make ends meet selling marmalade and jams.  They are so charming that you are sure to leave with a few jars of their delicious, organic jams.

The tour then winds its way through Seville´s back streets visiting several small shops including a ceramics shop where dusty tiles are stacked in corners.

Finally, you will cross the river and visit a charming food market selling everything from the freshest fish and shellfish to acorn-fed Iberian ham.  If by now you are feeling hungry, there is a great choice of local places to enjoy some tapas or fresh fish.



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