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Iberian ham tour in Seville

Iberian Ham Tour in Seville – The Jewel in Spain´s Gastronomic Crown

In Spain ham is almost like a religion and life without it would be unthinkable. The Iberian pig can trace its ancestry back to inter-breeding with various types of wild boar. These pigs are treated wth the greatest of care. They are reared on the ancient dehesas, rolling hills dotted with home oaks and cork trees that produce the acorns which are essential in giving the ham its unique nutty flavour. The whole process of ham production is slow and expensive but the end result is a truly exceptional ham, well worth the wait!

Come and enjoy the best iberiam ham tour in Seville which will give you a fascinating insight into the life of the Iberian pigs.

When I put my pigs on the lorry for the final goodbye, and they look at me and they know, there is a sadness and sense of betrayal in their gaze. I feel desolation, I go into mourning for three days. It breaks my heart.

Alfonso María Pérez Pardo
Breeder of Iberian Pigs

This day long excursion will give you a fascinating insight into the life of the iberian pig and how it eventually becomes the best ham in the world.


You will be met in Seville by your English speaking guide and driven first of all to a beautiful private finca in the Sierra de Aracena, where you will see the pigs out on the dehesa. Here you will learn about the way in which these amazing animals are reared.


After a glass of sherry and an aperitif, your guide will take you to visit a “secadero de jamon” (special drying kilns) where the lengthy process of maturing and drying the ham takes place. An expert will give you a tour and you will learn all about the various stages that take place before the final product is ready for consumption. It´s quite something to see the thousands of ham legs hanging from the ceilings.


The finale of the excursion is a typical lunch in a local restaurant. A real gastronomic delight! Afterwards we can take a stroll through the town before drving back to Seville.

Iberian ham tour in Seville
Iberian ham tour in Seville
Iberian ham tour in Seville
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