Seville Convents Tour | A glimpse into the hidden world of convents
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A glimpse into the hidden world of convents

Seville Convents Tour, a glimpse into the hidden world of convents

Step off the well-worn tourist trails and away from the large throngs of site seekers and catch a glimpse of the monastic world hidden behind the ancient walls of the convents “de clasura” (cloistered convents). These peaceful refuges are inhabited by nuns who, for the most part, are shut off from daily life in the cities surrounding them. The convents feel like they are stuck in time, full of relics and museum pieces, the nuns carry on with their daily lives and prayers as they have done for centuries, cocooned in their world.


Why not come and take a peek?

Many of these convents were founded by Spanish noblewomen centuries ago and are steeped in history. In times gone by a large number of them were wealthy establishments enjoying royal patronage, but nowadays the nuns often sell pastries and cakes to make some extra income and who knows how much longer these inhabited convents will remain with us in their traditional format.


This tour starts with a visit to one Seville´s convents dating from the 15th Century and which houses a charming museum. Many of its contents were donated by the Reverend Mother Cristina de la Cruz who died in 1984 and who is currently being reviewed by the Vatican for possible canonisation.


After visiting the museum and the church next door, you will travel with your guide by private transfer (45 minutes) to the beautiful town of Carmona to visit a second convent built on the site of an old palace. For many years the nuns here held the keys to the city and this convent also has an interesting museum. After the visit there is a chance to buy some of the delicious pastries made by the nuns using recipes passed down through the centuries. The actual story of the nuns themselves, where they come from and how they get on is a fascinating one and your guide will share anecdotes and insights with you that don´t appear in local guide books. The tour ends with a stroll around the town and a chance to stop for some tapas in a local bar.

seville convents tour
seville convents tour
seville convents tour

This seville convents tour is available from Thursday to Sunday inclusive

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