White Villages Tour, one of the best Andalucia Experiences | Pure Andalusia
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Experience the White Villages of Andalusia

White Villages Tour of Andalusia

A visit to Andalusia is not complete without do our white villages tour and taking in some of the charming white towns and villages that are dotted around the hills and sierras of Malaga and Cadiz.

These are known in Spanish as the “Pueblos Blancos”.

Many of the pueblos were strategic hilltop fortresses that bordered the frontier between the Muslim and Christian territories up until 1492 when Granada was reconquered.

With your private guide you will visit some of the more charming villages and enjoy a mix of architecture, fabulous countryside and local crafts.  This is a great, full day experience not to be missed.  For food lovers there is the chance to try some local cheeses, taste Spanish olive oil and enjoy the typical cuisine in one of the restaurants in the área.  If time permits and you feel like a bit of walking through the stunning countryside, this too can be added to your personalised itinerary.

Booking our white villages tour

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