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Horse carriage ride outings through parkland and woods

Horse carriage ride in seville

Half an hour from Seville and bordering the Doñana Park we find the charming home of Juan Pedro Argueso, a proud descendant of an old sherry producing family.

I feel proud to belong to the fascinating world of carriage driving and I never stop learning.

Juan Pedro

This is a great location for half day trips in a horse-drawn carriage through stunning scenery, a mixture of cork trees and pine forests with plenty of sandy tracks for the horses. This is such a lovely way to spend time in the open air. Instead of viewing cathedral vaults in the city, you can enjoy the majestic shadows cast by the umbrella pines. Lunch is included and is served in an idylic spot in the countryside.

A horse carriage ride through the Countryside

The pine, cork and oak forests near to Juan Pedro´s home are bursting with sandy tracks that are fabulous to drive along in his lovely carriages, pulled along by his dapple mares or, even more elaborately, in a four in hand carriage – considered one of the top disciplines of combined driving in sports.


Juan Pedro’s home demonstrates his passion for this sport and his precious collection of associated memorabilia are displayed throughout. There is an extensive collection of carriage and tack, some of which are over a hundred years old including examples of hand-made bamboo whips bought at Christie’s auction house in London. One of his most prized possessions is his grandmother’s beautiful Hermes coach bag made from the skin of an Ibis bird.


For groups of up to four who do not have transport, your Engish speaking guide can collect you from Seville. You will arrive late morning at the finca and will have the opportunity to look around before we set off in the carriage.


The carriage is driven by an expert who will take us on a journey through the surrounding countryside. You can enjoy the scenery and fresh air before the carriage stops for lunch al-fresco under the shade of the trees (Normally 1.5 hours of driving). The lunch served is typical local cuisine, usually salads, meat stews, wine and refreshments, prepared by Pilar who has worked with Juan Pedro´s family for many years. After lunch there is the chance to take a walk and stretch your legs before we head back to the finca.



Approx. 3 hours carriage driving, not including lunch stop.


Half Day Introductory Course for Beginners in Carriage Driving

This course has been designed as an introduction to this wonderful sport. Like any sporting discipline, carriage driving takes years of practise and dedication to master but by spending the morning at Juan Pedro´s finca you will gain an insight into what is involved and the skills that are necessary to become a proficient carriage driver. The course starts at 10am with a theory class given by an expert in one of the finca´s comfortable salons. The participants then make their way to the stables where they will see the horses being harnessed. This is very technical and the best way to learn is to see it first-hand.


The participants will have a go at this under the watchful eye of the instructor and then there will be the opportunity to accompany him in the carriage for a brief ride and see some of the theory put into practise.


The course includes an aperitif and finishes at 1430h.

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